2017 April Invitational - 04/08/2017

Last Updated- February 19, 2017

Below is a list of ways in which people can help out at the contest. Please let Ann know what you can do to help them out. As items get donated and jobs get filled, Ann will place a check by that item on the list. Some people generally donate the same items for each contest or help in the same way. If a name appears by a job or donation, but it is not checked, it simply means we have not confirmed the item yet, but are hoping they will continue the tradition.

Check here often to see what still needs to be done and what might have been added.

Ongoing needs
Donations of trophies-Maggie, Molly, Tammy, Ann's Allstars
Donations of medals Maggie need some more

Contest Day
  Help setting up-
  Take boxes to gym-
  Clean up after contest-
  Deliver boxes back to Ann's house
  Reorganize tubs, prepare for next contest and help Ann store items after contest-

Weeks and days ahead
  helping make trophies
  reorganize folders and lane signs-
  order medals-Ann
  order medallions-Ann
  Attaching plates to trophies-Ann
  Double checking entries-
  Putting names on score sheets- Work Day
  Putting score sheets into correct folders Work Day
  Getting folders into correct order and lanes-Work Day
  Making Programs- Ann
  Finish judges packets- work day
  Assemble twirlers' folders- work day
  Making name tags for judges and other helpers-

During Contest Help
  Raffle Stand-
  Clerks - Sydney, Kim, need 2 more
  Hang results poster-
  Folder pick up-
  Data entry -Scott
  Announcer -
  Results tape up Ann
  Checking on and supplying judges with drinks, food-
  Trophy stand at contest-
  Welcome Table-
  Banker to get change-

We need the following items loaned to us. They will be returned right after the contest.
Extension cords, power strips, sound system, large coffe pot, and serving utensils are items we'd love to get as permanent donations- used is fine.

  Extension cords and power strip
  CD player-
  Sound system- Ann
  Adding Machine-

We need the following supplies Donated: Thanks to our sponsors for helping with most of them.

  Bags of several different kinds of candy for the judges' tables-
  Table cloths and decorations for judges tables-
  Table cloths and decorations for trophy and raffle table
  Raffle Tickets-Ann
  Small thank you gifts for the judges-
  Large Roll of Caution Tape-
  Masking Tape (2 rolls)-
  Scotch Tape-
  Scotch Tape dispenser-D. Schick/ReMax
  Paper Clips-D. Schick/ReMax
  Trash Bag Liners-D. Schick/ReMax
  Paper Towels-
  Highlighters-D. Schick/ReMax
  Pocket Folders- need 30
  Sticky Notes-
  Scissors-D. Schick/ReMax
  Rubberbands-D. Schick/ReMax
  Stapler and Staples- D. Schick/ReMax
  Money Bags- First National Bank

Items for the raffle:

Below are the items we have donated so far for our raffle. Please feel free to contact businesses who might be willing to donate items for our raffle or concession stand.

  Raffle Baskets-Elaine and Maggie O'Grady
  Raffle Baskets-
  Raffle Baskets-
  Raffle basket-

Other donations from businesses:

If you are willing to contact a business that you frequent, please ask for the following:
  1. a donation of any of the above items.
  2. a cash donation
  3. to buy an ad in our program. Ad sizes; full page - $20.00 half page- $10.00
  4. donation of trophies they may have sitting around their business

  Anyone who would be willing to contact restaurants near there for donations, ads, or gift certificate, would be appreciated. It is quite possible that we will be able to send business their way.

Finally, anyone who provides donations will get their name added to our sponsor list on our web site and will be mentioned in our program.