Ann's All-Stars

NBTA Rules and Regulations

Basic and Military

The Basic and Military patterns are shown above. The contestant will face judge and wait for the judge to nod. Twirler then listens to the beat and starts when ready. When done with square, twirler should nod at judge and go to the end of the line as the twirler may be asked to march again.


The Modeling pattern is shown above. There is a 1:00 time limit. The contestant will start directly in front of judge about 8-10 steps away. Wait for the judge to nod and begin. Once contestant has walked forward to be directly in front of the judge she may turn in either direction (right or left) to corners, then semicircle around to opposite corner, then finish out the patten. Contestant should nod when she is done.

Time Limits

Event Adv Limit Int Time Limit Nov/Beg Time Limit Timing Begins Timing Ends
Solo Twirl 2:20-2:30 1:50-2:10 Nov 0:30-2:00
Beg 1:30-2:00
Opening salute Closing salute
X Strut 1:30-2:00 1:30-2:00 Nov 0:30-2:00
Beg 1:30-2:00
First move Closing salute
Two Baton 1:30-2:00 1:30-2:00 Nov 0:30-2:00
Beg 1:30-2:00
Opening salute Closing salute
Three Baton 1:30-2:00 1:30-2:00 1:30-2:00 Opening salute Closing salute
Rhythmic Twirl 2:00-2:30 First note Last note
Flag Twirl 1:30-2:00 1:30-2:00 Nov 0:30-2:00
Beg 1:30-2:00
Courtesy pose Courtesy pose
Hoop Twirl 1:30-2:00 1:30-2:00 Nov 0:30-2:00
Beg 1:30-2:00
Courtesy pose Courtesy pose
Basic Strut/ Military March Forward motion required. No time limit involved.
Duet 2:20-2:30 Int 1:50-2:10 Nov 0:30-2:00
Beg 1:30-2:00
Salute Salute
Trio 2:00-3:00 2:00-3:00 2:00-3:00 Salute by leader Salute by leader
Circle T Modeling 1:00 Max 1:00 Max 1:00 Max First movement Last movement
Show Twirling 1:30-2:30 1:30-2:30 1:30-2:30 First note of music Last note of music
Dance Twirl Teams 2:00-3:00 2:00-3:00 (See Dance Team Rules) (See Dance Team Rules)
Half-time Show Teams 2:00-3:00 2:00-3:00 (See Half-time Show Rules) (See Half-time Show Rules)
Twirl Teams 2:00-3:00 2:00-3:00 Salute at start line Salute at finish line
Flag Twirl Teams 2:00-3:00 2:00-3:00 Salute at start line Salute at finish line

X-Strut Guidelines

The X-Strut pattern is shown above. Twirlers begin at number one, which is to the judge's left. They may do some opening moves at that location and then Salute. Immediately following the salute, they must do four basic march steps. Arm and baton movements may be done during basic march steps. The rest of that leg is free-style and may contain marching, strutting, dancing and baton moves. Ability to stay on beat with the music should be demonstrated throughout entire routine.

Once they reach point two they will turn and go across in front of the judge. The first movements of that second leg must also be four basic march steps. The remaining leg is free-style.

Upon reaching location three, twirlers will angle away. This leg must also contain four basic march steps as the first movements. Rest of leg is free-style.

At corner four the fourth leg does not require four basic march steps. This leg is shorter than all the others. Free-style is fine.

The fifth leg must begin with four basic march steps heading straight toward judge. After the four march steps are completed the twirler may move anywhere on the floor as long as it is within the boundaries of the first four legs. At the conclusion of the routine a salute must occur. No movements of any kind may occur after salute. Simply turn and walk off.

Timing and penalties begins with opening move and end with final salute.

Time limits of thirty seconds to two minutes for novice, for all other levels it is one minute and thirty seconds to two minutes.

No twirling is permitted. This includes rolls, releases tosses, etc. The baton must be in a full-hand grip (in one had or the other) at all times. Loops and swings are allowed and no more than two continuous revolutions from the center of the baton are allowed at one time. As with all NBTA events, no gymnastics moves are allowed.

Penalties include drops, floor contact and out of step as well as under and over time. If a twirler is out of step for an entire leg or on all four required marching sections, they will receive a zero in the timing section and no penalties for out of step will be deducted. All other sections of the score sheet will be score based on performance.

It is o.k. for the wrong foot to come down off-beat for certain moves as long as the beat is reestablished.

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